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International consequences: consequences and barriers to NICE guidelines in the UK for tics and Tourette Syndrome

A refusal to consider the development of NICE guidelines for tics and Tourette Syndrome will have consequences not only in the UK, but internationally

Opportunities abound......

I was very interested to see the British Paediatric Neurology Association and JLA Priority Setting Partnership Top Ten UK research priorities for interventions in childhood neurological disorders published recently

Stimulating research to change patients lives

Tics are known as uncontrollable yet there is now a device which is in the early stages of development which could give back control to people with tics.

Pain from tics – the part of the iceberg no one speaks about.....

Pain from tics – the part of the iceberg no one speaks about! One of the most difficult to live with issues about having tics and tic disorders which is often ignored is pain.

The misunderstanding around 'Tik Tok tics'

Headlines blaming social media and Tik Tok have not helped the young people experiencing the recent phenomenon of 'sudden onset' of tic-like behaviour. A complicated picture is emerging.

ADHD and tics: closer than you think

October is ADHD Awareness Month and therefore timely to discuss some of the challenges adults and children with ADHD and tics can face and what we can do to support them.

Guidelines for engaging with the media

How to engage with the media as a person with Tourette Syndrome

One year and counting!

Summer breeze and ...Neuro-Diverse.org first blog post.

The truth about Tourette

Understanding what it is and isn't, the challenges those with TS face and how it can disrupt learning.

Tics and Tourette Across the Globe-virtual meeting

Register for the Patient Associations session at the 13th European Conference on Tourette Syndrome & Tic Disorders