Thank you to all BTTI participants who have shared below their valuable feedback!

27 January 2024

Senior Mental Health Practitioner, UK

I think the training was relatable and accessible.  The information was pitched at the correct level and there was ample opportunity to ask questions and reflect on our open cases.

I appreciated the videos in the basic training and see in intervention in action.  This really helped to consolidate my learning and increase my understanding.  I also found the application of the intervention when there are co-morbid presentations for the patient very helpful as this is so common within our service.  I also found the recourse section very helpful, I ll look forward to purchasing some of the books and reading the journals.

17 January 2024

Primary Mental Health Worker (PMHW), UK

‘I found that the advanced course (whilst brief in time) was thorough in covering any additional questions, whilst recapping previous knowledge and then mopping up any unknowns. Great opportunity was given to share thoughts/feelings about applying this to practice- with positive encouragement to do so’.

16 January 2024

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist working in a Foundation Trust NHS

“I recently attended the Behavioural Therapy for Tics Institute's (BTTI) virtual training and was thoroughly impressed with the experience. The content was highly informative and particularly useful for addressing tics. The speakers stood out for their clarity and engaging delivery, making complex topics easily understandable. The practicality of the training materials, especially the slides, was notable, offering direct applicability in clinical settings. These resources are invaluable for professionals dealing with tics in children. Given the high-quality content and practical tools provided, I highly recommend BTTI's training to health professionals working with kids experiencing tics. This program provides comprehensive insights and effective strategies that are essential in professional practice.”

16 January 2024

Education Mental Health Practitioner in NHS Foundation trust

Nice links taken from the original training in sense of additional activities for a more differentiated and inclusive aspect to enhance my practice and to fit the needs (and enjoyment) of the client! Alongside this, a lovely mixture of facilitators and participants where a space is crated to share and ping ideas/good practice off each other too.

16 January 2024

Occupational Therapist, Australia

Thank you for providing this advanced training. The knowledge, experiences, practical strategies and resources shared by the presenters has increased my confidence in providing intervention to those experiencing tics. The presenters are so approachable and practical. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to work in this area.

16 January 2024

Team Lead/Mental health practitioner, NHS, UK

I have really enjoyed this course. It is so informative and the tutors are very knowledgeable with extensive experience. I would recommend this course wholeheartedly.

16 January 2024

Clinical Psychologist, NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Thank you for a wonderful session!  It was so helpful for thinking about how to unpick tics from tic-like behaviours, and how to adapt tic interventions for individuals with co-occuring conditions. It was a really thought provoking session that deepened my understanding of tics and tourettes.

16 January 2024

Adult cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, UK

”An easily accessible training, delivered with breaks and a dynamic approach. Many real life examples, videos and role plays in the basic training, and a lot of space for questions in the advanced training developed my depth of understanding the underlying mechanisms to difficulties and methods. Differentiating between ERP and HRT as well as exploring typical supervision questions additionally helped me with intervention planning……. this course has increased my knowledge and confidence in treating people with tics particularly children and young people, but also transferring for adults in my clinical practice as a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist.”

31st January 2024

Occupational therapist, Greece

Amazing training course. Very helpful and well organised. After this training I feel more ready to start working with tics and learn more.

6th February 2024

Clinical Psychologist, Strategic Clinical Lead Mental Health Support Team, UK

The training was so informative. It was accessibleand gave practical advice and guidance on how to deliver the intervention. Iappreciated the theory practice links.  There were lots of examples fromclinical practice with role plays to show how to describe things to patientsand families. Excellent training. I would highly recommend.  

21st May 2024

I found the training very informative and interesting. The training has helped me feel more confident in working with children with Tourette syndrome. The role plays and videos have been most helpful.

21st May 2024

This training was well presented and provided a really comprehensive, yet easy to follow guide to providing behavioural therapy in practice. The Q+A was so useful and the strategies, theory and resources were all equally excellent. It was great to see the role plays and have opportunity to give it ago for ourselves. Many thanks for a very informative and interesting training opportunity. I am looking forward to putting all of the learning into practice.

15 December 2023

Senior Mental Health Practitioner, CAMHS, UK

"Thank you for the HRT Training, I really enjoyed it.  Jolande, Tara and yourself have such a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience, which clearly came across throughout the training. I enjoyed the variety in delivery along with bringing in practice components and video clips.  It was never an issue asking questions and time was spent reviewing them and signposting to helpful links. The training felt relaxed and informative and have already gone back to my team to share some of the information and links – such as “The brake shop” and Tourette’s Action UK.  I look forward to the consultation session in the new year."

20 January 2024

Clinical Team Manager, Specialist Autism Assessment Team, UK

The BTTI training is incredibly informative and empowers professionals to support young people presenting with Tic Disorders.  There is a helpful balance of theory and practical teaching with lots of real life examples to support learning presented by experts in Tic Disorders.  There are a range of practical tips to support and maximise the success of therapeutic interventions alongside advice in managing co-occurring conditions. I would highly recommend this course for professionals who wish to start or develop their knowledge of Tic Disorders as well as those who work in managing Tic Disorders.

16 December 2023

Mental Health Support Team Operational & Clinical Team Manager, UK

"Many thanks for the training.  It was well paced, engaging and a perfect mix of videos, discussion and role play.  It really helped me to realise how to adapt the ERP skills I already have for Tics, but also learning a new skill HRT."

31st May 2024

I found this training really informative and certainly relevant to my practice in a CAMHS service where some of our young people with mental health difficulties also have tics. The trainers were also very friendly and welcoming.

10 September 2023

Highly Specialised Applied Psychologist, UK

"Really enjoyed the training, looking forward to the January session and finding a good case to put the knowledge into practice!! "

7 October 2023

Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner, UK.

"I really enjoyed the training and will definitely find it beneficial in my role."

15 October 2023

Registered Paediatric Nurse, UK

Thank you to you all for such a fantastic training! To feedback, I really valued all the videos and role-play demonstrations of how to deliver HRT and ERP as well as the opportunity to explore these in our own role-play break out rooms.

7 July 2023

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services, UK

I really enjoyed the training, the combination of teaching methods (role play, videos, presentation, and quizzes) helped to embed the information shared. The facilitators were extremely knowledgeable and passionate, and this stood out. I found the training quite intensive, but the time allocated just right.

12 July 2023

Mental health practitioner, UK

"Fantastic training; Informative, accessible, great mix of theory and practice. I am a clinical psychologist with very little experience of working with TICS / Tourette’s. I felt quite concerned about treating this condition.  After the training I feel so much more informed.  I think I had mistakenly gotten caught up in some of the “myths” about this condition. The training gave excellent step-by-step information about the approach to treatment.  I feel confident in attempting the intervention with children and young people.  Use of videos was very helpful."

3 June 2023

Clinical Psychologist, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Team, UK

"The training mornings have been really informative and helpful. Facilitators were very knowledgeable and keen to answer any questions raised during the training. Watching client videos and facilitator role plays, as well as small group role plays brough the content to life and provided an invaluable opportunity to try out exercises without worrying about having a client in front of you. The slides were really clear and sent in advance which made the training more accessible for those with neurodiversity such as dyslexia or ADHD."

25 May 2023

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Hungary

"The training was very exciting, I loved all the role-playing, it made it very realistic. I can't wait to use what I learnt here in my own (work). You are all three very good presenters, Tara and Jolanda are really good professionals, I would love to learn more about the subject!"

15 May 2023

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Department of Neuropsychiatry, UK

"Overall, I felt the training was bespoke, that I wasn’t just a number, it was very interactive and personable with the opportunity to ask and get answers for questions. I really liked the chance to roleplay, something that often lacks in online, remote sessions. I was able to practice different roles within 2 different groups on 5 occasions over the past 2 weeks and it was helpful to discuss ideas and questioning techniques but also to plan how to set up tasks like the exposure. I additionally found covering the working mechanisms towards the end very helpful, because up until that point I did have some confusion over the differences between HRT and ERP, which I have more clarity about now and potentially what to do as additional treatment options when recovery is limited (functional analysis and guided relaxation).

2 May 2023

Primary Mental Health Specialist, NHS Foundation Trust, UK

"I really enjoyed the two mornings, the length of the training was great and kept me engaged and enthusiastic throughout.  The mix of teaching methods used was great, such as power point, clinical video, role play etc.  I also clicked and read some of the links in the chat as we went along, which again was helpful and useful rather than being given a reading list or prepared list ahead of the training.  The session overall was relaxed but really informative and enabled interaction throughout.  The sessions have increased my knowledge but also given me a learning edge to develop further but provided me with confidence to do so and I really want to get started! Thank you."

28 April 2023

Education Mental Health Practitioner (EMHP), NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Extremely informative, allowing myself to practice and notice not only key points, but the smaller tricks and examples to help manage the patient’s anxiety alongside noticing my own!

I especially enjoyed seeing the video clips, it kind of brought it home as to the flow and positivity during sessions that can be so beneficial.

22 April 2023

Mental Health Practitioner (EMHP), Mental Health Support Team (MHST), UK

Thank you so much for this training. I felt the content was absolutely perfect; the right blend of research and practical application. Loved the way you did your own roleplays before letting us practice in breakout rooms. The facilitators were great, spoke really well and compassionately. The videos used illustrated the elements really well. I feel like I’ve taken so much away from the training and am excited to put it into practice.

23 Match 2023

Clinical Psychologist, Psychology in Schools Team & U18 Wellbeing Service, UK

A huge thank you to all of you involved in putting on the training. It was a high-quality training which was clinically applicable, evidence based, interactive and professional.

12 March 2023

Occupational Therapist, Australia

I enjoyed the training and am looking forward to implementing strategies in my role. I have my first young person allocated and feel excited and prepared. Mental Health Practitioner, UK.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have this training. The presenters are so knowledgeable and experienced, yet extremely friendly and approachable.

There was a useful balance of information and practical session. The practical sessions certainly highlighted the high-level skills of presenters. The real-life examples you were able to provide made the theory come alive and improved my retention and application.  I could listen to your client experiences all day.

I appreciated your assessment inclusions and how these were presented. This allowed me to adjust and enhance my approach. The comparison between CBIT and ERP in the one training was really insightful.

The opportunity and information provided through the many questions answered in the chat was also invaluable.

The course provided updated research which gives so much direction to pursue information.

The resources are incredibly beneficial.

The online format was seamless and apt.

I would thoroughly recommend this course.

I look forward to the advanced training!

I also enjoyed being placed with one of the members of the practical group on both days. This helped as the ice was broken and allowed us to get into the practice quicker. I can see the potential pros and cons for this, however. In this instance, it worked for me.

9 March 2023

Clinical psychologist, UK

Lots of information and opportunity to practice the techniques. Thank you.

17 March 2023

Psychological Therapist/Specialist CBT Psychotherapist, UK

This has been one of the most well-presented, well organised, informative and engaging training I have attended. There is a mixture of didactic teaching, role plays, typed Q&A and resources being sent prior to and following the training. The content covers everything you need to know to be able to practice confidently with clients. Thank you so much for this invaluable training.

26 February 2023

Chartered Clinical Psychologist, UK

I found the course very interesting and informative and provided so much useful information to help me going forward and setting up of the tics and Tourette’s service for (my area). Clinical Lead Behaviour Specialist, UK.

I thought the training was excellent.  I found it well paced, comprehensive and clear and found the videos and breakout rooms really helpful in seeing the approaches 'live' and practicing the techniques to build confidence.

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