What goes on in a BTTI clinical consultation session?

One of the fantastic things about running the behavioural therapy for tics institute (BTTI) is how satisfying it can be delivering quality sessions. Local support for therapists trained in delivering this therapy is so low BTTI offers clinical consultations regularly online.

Today was no exception and we had a truly international group of healthcare professionals from the UK, Belgium, Greece and Australia.

Challenging cases were discussed and even those people who didn't have current case to present found it extremely helpful to listen to others and their experiences.

The subjects that we covered today included sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy and tics. As well as discussions links two articles and their services are shared during and after the meeting. For each issue which is raised and discussed resources are shared to increase knowledge and understanding.

This week sleeping disorders and tics where discussed such as narcolepsy. Useful resources such as the features below were discussed and shared

Remitting Tics and Narcolepsy Overlap Associated with Streptococcal Infection: A Case Report

Narcolepsy in Tourette syndrome

As always the subject of patient support came up fortunately there are psychoeducation materials available in multiple languages thanks to the ESSTS patient associations directory https://www.essts.org/directory

As well as other sources of information such as animations highlighting the difficulties of living with TS

Since the start of COVID solutions interested in neurological disorders and mental health have found themselves searching for more information and advice to help them support their patients with functional neurological disorders and functional tic like behaviours (FND & FTLB). Luckily there are a host of information sources on this including podcasts and academic papers.

Podcast ‘Tics, and Tic Disorders; the sudden onsets and influences of the pandemic’ – In conversation with Dr. Tammy Hedderly

Functional neurological disorder and functional tic-like behaviours: what do paediatricians need to know?

An investigation into mothers’ experiences of their children’s functional tic-like behaviour and tic attacks

Recent advances in understanding Tourette syndrome, tic disorders and functional tics.

Another subject which often arises during clinical consultation sessions are tic attacks.

This article is very helpful for tic attacks, could also be helpful for more functional tics. I always love the drawing of unhelpful beliefs in it: Novel Psychological Formulation and Treatment

Also discussed today speech and language interventions regarding stuttering and tics. We were lucky to have with a speech and language therapist and an occupational therapist with us today who lent their expertise to the conversation

Blocking Tics in Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome.

Effectiveness of speech therapy in treating vocal blocking tics in children with Tourette syndrome: Two case reports.

The Clinical Characterization of Blocking Tics in Patients With Tourette Syndrome.

We also spoke about the upcoming abstract deadline for the European Society for the study of Tourette syndrome annual conference this year it is being held in Italy. Last year I was the local host organiser in Brussels, Belgium. I am glad to have the year off in 2024!

ESSTS 6th Conference on Tourette Syndrome & Tic Disorders 2024 https://www.essts.org/registrationAbstract deadline 14th April 2024

So all in all it was an incredibly helpful and productive meeting. It is a wonderful feeling helping healthcare professionals from aroundthe world and in turn their patients and families.

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