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Advanced BT training


For those clinical professionals already trained in behavioural therapy and who have been working with patients with tics. There will be discussion of specific therapeutic interventions, discussion of practical implementation, problem solving, and complex and co-occurring conditions. The Advanced BT training will cover behavioural therapy for children and adults. During the training all attendees should be aware that the discussions are sensitive and we wish to ensure we maintain anonymity of patients and any sensitive material discussed.

No recording of any session is allowed.

Upcoming session(s):
Tuesday 24th September 2024, 9am-1.30pm BST
sold out!
past event

Price per person:


Available places :
*1 If you are not registered with one of the professional bodies above and are outside the UK please can you provide proof of registration in your own country. Without it we may not be able to accept you on to the behavioural therapy training – please contact to discuss if this is the case.

*2 Kindly note that after submitting your details below, your place will not be automatically reserved. Please send us a separate email at to discuss possible accreditation/practicing restriction issues.
Issues to consider before applying for training:
Payment: The only acceptable form of payment is via the Ticket Tailor weblink to pay for a training place. The link to make payment and book your place will be sent to you once your completed application form has been processed. Payment will need to be made in full within 72 hours of accepting a place on the workshop.

Places: There will a limited number of training places available and the cost of the training course is £350 per person. We would recommend you buy a copy of the manual ‘Tics - Therapist Manual & Workbook for Children’, by Cara Verdellen and Jolande Van De Griendt.
For clinical work with adults, a manual which is useful is "Managing Tourette Syndrome: A Behaviorial Intervention Adult Workbook" (Treatments That Work): by Douglas W. Woods. Find it here.

Materials: There will be patient videos shown as part of the behavioural therapy training and we may also have a ‘live’ demonstrations of a patient having treatment. We have permission from the patients to show these videos in a training session but we ask you to sign below that you agree to not video record or copy any part of the online training but especially the patient videos or ‘live’ patient session.

Cancellation/Refund Policy A £100 processing fee will be charged for cancellations made on or before two weeks before the training event date. After this date, no refunds will be made. To cancel a registration, please submit your request to After the training we will ask you to complete a feedback form. A certificate of attendance will be given to attendees who complete all of the training sessions. After the training all attendees will be sent the PowerPoint slides in PDF format.

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